erinnerungsort.de is a window onto ongoing research in cultural history. It is designed to offer young historians and cultural scientists involved in projects with a biographical or collective biographical focus the chance to present their work. Literally translated, the word "Erinnerungsort", means "place of remembrance". This is a place of remembrance, then, for remarkable or noteworthy human beings. The starting point for the site is my own research project, a biographical study of the German actor and singer Ernst Busch (1900-1980).

erinnerungsort.de is intended as a place to present material on the cultural history of the 20th century, especially that which has been collected using oral history techniques. In the case of my work on Ernst Busch, this material takes the form of interviews with contemporaries and experts from three generations of the German political left.

The word "Erinnerungsort" refers both to the academic concept of the "lieux de mémoire" and to the literal idea of a place in which memories are preserved, a memory store which anyone interested in cultural history can walk into and from which they can help themselves. I believe that the significance of some of the interviews presented on this site goes beyond their original purpose, which was to shed light on my specific questions, and hope that they may be of interest to a much wider audience.

erinnerungsort.de is still under construction, so please be patient. All criticism or suggestions gratefully received!

Wishing you an interesting read,

Jochen Voit

(Berlin, September 2005)

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